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Download Facebook Videos the Easy Way

Quickly and easily download Facebook videos for free at YTD!  Here’s how it works:  you’ll need the URL of the Facebook video you want to download.  Place the URL into our YouTube converter software and it’ll download Facebook videos for you to save straight to your PC.

You can then share or watch the videos right from your computer without having to log into Facebook and search for it.  Plus, if the video is taken down from Facebook, it’ll still live on your machine.  All Facebook videos will work with this app.

It’s a simple, one step process and there’s no sign up required.

Just grab the application YTD Downloader from  It’s safe and free.
Once there, drop the URL in of the video you want to download.  With just a few clicks, YTD Downloader will download Facebook video to your computer.  It’s quick.  It’s simple.  Now you can watch your video whenever you want without worrying that it’ll disappear from Facebook or that you have to search for it.   You can download one or 100 Facebook videos.  You can even burn it on a CD.

Facebook is the largest social media network with more than 845 million users.   Fans of the site use it to keep in touch with friends and family around the world by posting status updates and sharing pictures and video.  In addition to the connecting with others, users enable hundreds of apps including games to play with other users.   First developed at Harvard in 2004, it quickly expanded to other Ivy League schools as a way to meet and keep in touch. 

Social networking dates back to the early days of the Internet when chat rooms were common but it wasn’t until the past few years when the graphics improved and friendly interfaces became the norm that social media caught on with the mainstream.

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