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Características del YouTube Converter

  • Obtener vídeos de alta definición 

    Descargar vídeos de alta definición (HD) tipo 1080P de YouTube y de todos los principales  sitios web de video streaming  con  YouTube Downloader. Nunca ha sido más fácil seguir  los videos YouTube HD en su ordenador  o dispositivo portátil , cosa que ahora es posible gracias a nuestro convertidor!
  • Descargar y ver luego

    Ya no será un problema perderse un vídeo o seguir un vídeo de YouTube en un momento dado. Gracias al  YouTube Downloader, podrá guardar  los vídeos. Nuestro software funciona igual que un convertidor YouTube que le permite convertir los videos de YouTube con suma facilidad y, a la vez, visualizarlos con máxima comodidad!
  • Compatibilidad con la mayoría de los formatos 

    El software único de YouTube Downloader puede descargar contenidos de todos los principales sitios web de video streaming, no sólo de YouTube. Funciona igual que YouTube Converter,que le permitirá convertir video ficheros en toda una serie de formatos entre los que YouTube to MP3, MP4, 3GP, MPEG y hasta YouTube to AVI. View All.
  • Visualizar otros dispositivos

    Usted no estará obligado a visualizar los  vídeos de  YouTube que descargue  usando de forma gratuita  nuestro  YouTube Downloader en un solo dispositivo. YouTube Downloader es un  convertidor de vídeo que transforma los ficheros en formatos portátiles y reproduicibles. Así podrá  convertir  YouTube to iPod, iPhone, PSP y hasta  YouTube to iTunes. View All.
  • Rápido y fácil de usar

    La interfaz del  YouTube Downloader es intuitiva y fácil de usar. El ususario sólo ha de copiar y pegar la dirección URL del vídeo, luego pinchará el botón Descarga.
  • Reproductor de vídeo integrado

    Nuestro  YouTube Converter gratuito también sirve para guardar los ficheros en sus amplias bases de datos,  permitiéndole así que construya un  reproductor para clasificar y ordenar sus vídeos preferidos, como si utilizara iTunes!


05/14/2018 - Acabamos de lanzar La Version 5.9.7 del YTD Video Downloader

09/05/2017 - Acabamos de lanzar La Version 5.8.7 del YTD Video Downloader

06/20/2017 - Acabamos de lanzar La Version 5.8.4 del YTD Video Downloader

Info version YouTube Converter 

Última versión: 5.9.7
Tamaño: 9.71 MB
Lanzada: 05.14.2018
Licencia: gratuita
Periódo de prueba: ilimitado
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YouTube Downloader for Mac

Requisitos del sistema para el  YouTube Converter

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 o superior

Descripción general

  • Descargar videos de YouTube, FaceBook, Google Video, MySpaceTV y muchos otros
  • Descargar vídeos de YouTube para los cuales tiene que haber cumplido los 18 años
  • Convertir vídeos de YouTube para el  iPod, Iphone, Ipad, PSP, Cell Phone, Windows Media, XVid y  MP3
  • Cortar y seleccionar la calidad  de salida de los vídeos convertidos 
  • Poner los vídeos descargados en  Flash
  • Muy fácil de usar
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Cómo funciona YouTube Converter?

 YTD YouTube Converter/Downloader/Player  es un software gratuito que le permitirá descargar vídeos  de YouTube, Facebook , Google, Yahoo (y  muchos más) y de convertir los videos de YouTube en otros vídeo formatos .  

Este software es fácil de usar, sólo ha de introducir la dirección  URL del  vídeo que desea descargar, luego pinchar el botón Descargar! Nuestro software gratuito funciona como un vídeo convertidor YouTube para Ipad, Ipod, Iphone, PSP, Cell Phone (3GP), Windows Media (WMV), XVid y  MP3.

What YTD Video Downloader users are saying

Overall rating:

36 reviews
11/02/2014 Rated: by Lorenzo
I'm a big fan of this free youtube downloader. I already know and use it for many years for their great functionality and performance , I have strongly recommended to all my friends circle interested in this type of software.

04/02/2014 Rated: by Amy
This youtube downloader is the best application I have ever seen. It's options are very easy to handle and I liked it from the moment I have started using it.

26/01/2014 Rated: by Matthias
This program is great to download youtube videos, educational, informative and fun for all ages in the family. We spend hours just finding things of interest and way-out that is not generally known, we recommend it to all of our family and friends. Their enjoyment is amazing too!

13/01/2014 Rated: by Kumar
Excellent program. I would recommend to all of my friends to download. Pro is worth the money.

28/12/2013 Rated: by Damian
I have used YTD video downloader for a long time and with out a doubt is the best program of it's type on the market today. It has helped with course notes and home handyman tips when there was no internet at our new house so thanks for a great youtube video downloader program.

07/11/2013 Rated: by Sam
YouTube Downloader and Converter lets you download YouTube videos and convert them to a variety of formats. its for sure the number 1 in top10 Best Youtube Downloaders. Best Regards and thanks for making such software like this!

01/11/2013 Rated: by Paula
What's better than to be able to watch the videos i download from YT in my PC without having to go online every time i want to see the same video. :D pretty much nothing.

30/10/2013 Rated: by Phil
I have regularly used two other well-known downloaders and found them to be quite satisfactory. However, since finding and using YTD I find that its ease of use, consistency and range of video sites it accesses makes it far superior to those other products. The speed of downloads and the ease of conversion to other formats is outstanding.

04/09/2013 Rated: by John
Good For Converting Music such as mp3 and faster download speeds than other downloaders. Also video quality of the files is great. thanx :)

26/08/2013 Rated: by Diego
YTD is really great. No matter what program type, basic or pro, it allows you to download and convert many videos at the same time! I have never used another program to download youtube videos, YTD is the only one, in my mind, my heart, and my soul! Kudos YTD Team! Magnificent work!

18/08/2013 Rated: by TK
Ytd is the best software available till date. I love it. Thank you. I like it because it is simple to use. More over even if the internet connection is lost the saved downloaded content remains there and the next time the download starts from the same place where the internet connection was lost.

07/08/2013 Rated: by Alex
I like YTD very much because I can download my favorite music to my phone.

23/07/2013 Rated: by Brian
Works great with YouTube ... Downloads well to the area of the system that you can specify. I have created an icon on the desktop for easy access when needed.

06/07/2013 Rated: by Blake
I can't say how much I love YTD because it is simply the best youtube downloading software that I ever use, even better then those converter on the webs. Good job and hope YTD will even get better and better.

25/06/2013 Rated: by Molly
Youtube downloader for mac is one of the best downloader i have ever used . It downloaded very fast a 200 MB file which other downloader could not complete.