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How do you put YouTube videos on Windows Movie Maker?

Windows Movie Maker is one of the simplest video production tools out there. There are many competitors who offer more “professional” setups with lots of complicated options, but few that are so easy to use and streamlined as Windows Movie Maker. For this reason, and because Windows Movie Maker comes standard on so many PCs these days, the program has become perhaps the most single widely used video editing software on the market.

This can make it somewhat frustrating that Windows Movie Maker is not readily compatible with Youtube, easily the biggest and most popular video sharing website in the world. Everyone knows that Youtube is unrivaled in the video industry: it is simply the go-to website to look for video of any kind. If you're hoping to find a clip and it's not on Youtube you just generally assume it's not on the net at all. So you would think that Youtube, the biggest video hosting service, and Windows Movie Maker, the biggest video editing software, would talk to each other. But they don't.

At least, not on their own. But there are two ways you can easily fix that.

If you want to make a quick .wmv out of a Youtube video, you can just grab the URL of the video and head over to an online file converter. There are several of these that specialize in handling video, for example Zillatube, Youconvertit, and Vconversion. Google any of these sites and you can turn the video into a .wmv that Movie Maker can readily handle.

For more options and a lot more control, you might want to actually download some file conversion software. This is especially true if you work on a lot of videos all the time or if you want the added security of not having all your videos go through a third party website online. But the real advantage of having your own file converter software is the plethora of additional file types you can use: .avi, .3gp, .m4a just to name a few.

Either of these methods will work fine and both are easy to do. Soon you'll be pulling videos from YouTube into Windows Movie Maker like a pro.