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Does YouTube Video Marketing Work? How to Get Started?

Youtube is one of the most powerful viral marketing platforms in the world. At present Youtube has the fourth highest traffic in the US out of any web site. It has a similarly strong presence in other parts of the world, especially Russia and Asia. When you market by putting videos on Youtube you have the potential to expose them to a huge audience and see them shared over and over – but only if you know how to do it.

Marketing through Youtube is easy, but it does require certain basics to get started. One of the most essential, yet most often overlooked in marketing guides, is the quality of the video itself. If you're going to use a video to market your product on a social site like Youtube it needs to be either funny, visually engaging, or preferably both. The quality doesn't always have to be high, but hit one of those two points and you'll do well. The video should also have appeal to people in your niche: think about what genre you're posting under and aim your content at it. Many video marketers succeed by dominating a single niche.

Secondly think about the profile you're using. If you're starting out with a brand new profile you face an uphill battle, but one that can be won. It's a lot easier to go viral if you have 10,000 subscribers than if you have 4, but even just getting to a medium number like 2,000 is a good platform. Aim your first few videos at getting lots of shares and be sure to ask people to subscribe to your channel.

Last, choose a metric and lay on it. Youtube has many different metrics to strive for: most shares, most comments, most favorites, etc. Choose one and make a campaign around it. It's funny but a lot of people don't share unless you tell them to. Spread your campaign to Facebook, StumbleUpon and other social media sites to maximize your views and results.

If you follow these steps you can easily move a video up through the rankings and even land on the front page of Youtube.