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Ten Under Ten: Top 10 YouTube videos of Kids Under 10 Years Old

Was YouTube really invented for any reason other than to immortalize our kids' most humorous and embarrassing moments? These children have earned their fame by making us smile or laugh. Take a look:

10. Baby Eats a Sour Lemon

Number ten gets onto the list because it successfully combines cute and funny. You would think a baby would learn a lesson about having something so sour in their mouth, but this little girl can't seem to decide whether she loves it or hates it.

9. Zoe Makes Max Laugh

Cute and funny again, but this time with twice the kids involved. You can't help but laugh when you see this sister getting a rise out of her baby brother.

8. Charlie Bit My Finger - Again!

Again we have two crazy cute kids but this time they're not exactly playing together. Big Bro gets his finger chomped pretty hard, but he doesn't seem to take it too bad. I think the baby British accents really help make this one.

7. Amazing 3 Year Old Skateboarder

I'm not ashamed when I see 14 year olds skateboarding way better than I ever could, but this kid is only 3 years old and he's already out shredding me. Cute, and apparently ready to take it pro because he is already going to competitions!

6. Baby Stuck Behind Couch!

What would happen if you got stuck behind a couch that's as tall as you are? Some kids might totally freak out and panic... not this one. Might have a promising future in hostage negotiation, actually.

5. Baby Msli

Okay, this kid might not have a schtick per se, but sometimes you just have to see a baby laughing, right? It sort of makes the whole world worthwhile.

4. Funny Baby Makes a Speech

We're heading into election season, and I just had to include this one. I'm pretty sure none of the real candidates will say anything to top this - someone has a future in politics ahead of them!

3. A Four Year Old Sings a Classic

You could take any kid to a music studio, but would any of them be able to produce a version of Route 66 that's quite as... er, unique as this one?

2. Skylar Clogging

Nothing can stop kids from dancing, even if they don't exactly know the steps! This little girl gets plenty of encouragement and clogs so hard it makes me tired.

1. Jessica's Daily Affirmation

I'd have to ask my parents to be positive but I'm pretty sure I never had quite this much pep when I got ready for school in the morning. But maybe that's what you need when you're too young for a cup of coffee? All I can say is I like Jessica's style.